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What We Do

Our goal is to connect horses with stalls! Whether you're a rodeo athlete, dressage enthusiast, or trail riding adventurer; our goal is to identify the facilities you can keep your horses at while on the road.

Who We Are

We are horse owners. We are the people who have arrived late at night, only to find a full barn and no manager in sight to unlock our stalls. Our mission is to make traveling with horses as seamless as possible. 

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02-15-2024 - 02-18-2024 - 625 Division St

Ashleys Journey Barrel Bash


starting from $30

01-09-2024 - 01-23-2024 - 123 I-10

Test- Dona Event


starting from $15

02-15-2024 - 02-18-2024 - 625 Division Street

Ashleys Journey


starting from $30

02-16-2024 - 02-16-2024 - 325 Sheckler Rd

Great Basin Bull Sale


starting from $15

10-01-2023 - 10-10-2023 - Madurai

Rocking bar T Eve


starting from $1

How It Works

We are developing a community of facilities and horse owners to build a network to house equine athletes on the road.

Sign Up. Join in as either a horse owner or a facility. With us, if you need a stall you are a horse owner, if you have a stall that needs a horse in it you are a facility. Search. Find where you are headed next, if this is an EZ Stall facility or event find the stall you want and reserve it. If not we’ll find the closest EZ Stall facility near you. Rest and Relax. Enjoy the drive to your destination. Your stall will be waiting for you and your horse to arrive.

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